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E.T.P.S. Therapy

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Chronic Pain? Call 850-217-7477

What is E.T.P.S?

E.T.P.S. stands for Electro Therapeutic Point Stimulation (Neuro-Mechanical Acupuncture).

This therapy was created in Canada by its founder Bruce R. Hocking, D.A.c, and is taught here in the United States in workshops throughout the year. This modality is based on a number of modalities put together in a non-invasive therapy session.

E.T.P.S. Therapy offers short, concentrated stimulation to points in stages with client assessment and completion of the root causes of soft tissue pain. E.T.P.S. is a non-invasive therapy session.

This therapy has been very successful in relieving an unlimited number of afflictions that are chronic as well as acute. It is not a 'cure-all' but I am amazed at the positive results I have seen and experienced for myself.

Although E.T.P.S. Therapy is safe and effective for most of the adult population, E.T. P. S. Therapy is NOT suggested for the following groups of people:

* pregnant women

* individuals with epilepsy

* individuals who have a pacemaker

Cost of Session

Sessions run about 15-20 minutes depending on condition. Cost of session is $30 a session, however it is included at no additional charge with an hour or a 90 minute massage.

The main reason I took this class is because of my long term clients, Mr. Bill and his wife Bernice. I took the class which is typically for Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist because I really wanted to help them, especially Mr Bill. After I completed the class in March 2012, he was my first client. The following day was the first time he didn't awake in pain. He still has occasional pain in his back but it's not nearly as bad. Here is a copy of the letter his wife Bernice sent me:

Dear Donna,

I just wanted to write to let you know that I am absolutely astounded by the effectiveness of the ETPS therapy Bill and I recently had with you.

As you know, my husband Bill had chronic pain in his chest and back since he had a stint put in in November 2011. He was in pain every day and would take a nitro pill. He tried massage, chiropractor, acupuncture and even his doctors were scratching their head. The MRI didn't show anything. We didn't know what else to do. But after just one treatment from you, he was better. Now he has had several treatments from you and rarely complains about pain. Plus it has helped decrease my sciatica and leg pain. I can't thank you enough! Amazing!

Thank-you so much,

Bernice in Miramar Beach,Fl